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UG Student, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani

“Mankind Was Born on Earth. It Was Never Meant to Die Here.” [1]

For a long time now, humans have been searching to answer the two timeless questions: Where have we come from? Are we alone?

An exploration that started more as a curiosity to discover extraterrestrial life is slowly becoming more of a necessity for the survival of humankind. “If greenhouse gas emissions continue unabated, land temperatures will rise so substantially that large areas of Earth will become inhabitable.” [2] With the rise in population and reduction of inhabitable land, the necessity for finding another Earth increases vastly.


The introduction of agriculture transformed human societies and helped in feeding the exponentially rising world population. The transition to the present has not been smooth; many challenges emerged, such as increased food demand, climate change, food safety, etc. These challenges led to the necessity of innovation and research in the food industry, contributing significantly to modern methods, curbing the existing obstacles to some extent. Still, as we transit into the future, there are furthermore to come.

The significant drift towards automation and mechanization assisted with fertilizers and other chemicals began in the early 19th century with the implementation of scientific…

Shreyash Singh

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